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Sarasota Herald Tribune Interviews Robert Davie


Herald Tribune

The Sarasota Herald Tribune business section, featuring real estate professionals, writer Chris Angermann interviewed Robert Davie of Robert Davie Landscaping on the finer points of landscape design in southwest Florida, in particular, landscape design that sells property.

“I can make a $500,000 home look like a million- dollar home, and you don’t have to spend $1 million to do it.”

Robert Davie creates this possibilty by way of plant palette selection and placement.

Addressing the gap between owner expectation and buyer demand, Robert says “Some people find it hard to let go of their preconceived notions. They want to fix up their home because they want to sell it, but they want to do it according to their dream. And that can be the opposite of what will make a house look good and marketable.”

Furthermore, regarding value, Robert comments that “A professional decorator coming into your house will pick out a palette for your walls, carpet, furnishings, fabric and drapes. You do the same thing for a landscape and plan you textures accordingly.”

One of the keys is to design a landscape whose beauty as well as monetary value, appreciate over time: “The right plants are going to grow in relation to the other plants in the landscape so that your design appreciates over time and the integrity of the plan doesn’t disintegrate.”

Read the full story here at the Sarasota Herald Tribune

For over 35 years, Robert Davie Landscaping Inc has increased the value of Sarasota’s finest homes and businesses, from modest properties to exceptional estates – with refined and remarkable landscaping. We combine innovative design with a respect for the harmony of nature – giving each project our singular attention and provide individual solutions.

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